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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tongue Twisters

My Tongue Twisters for the weekend homework :
1. The blue bluebird blinks.
2. Britney Blossom brought bright blue balloons from the lightly lit bazaar.
3. When Crabby Crab crept close by, clever Clam Clipper clasped its shell and closed it tightly.


This is part of the assignment I had given to my Year 5 Amir for this weekend. Their task is to create 2 tongue twisters on their own using the words with initial 'bl', 'br' and 'cl'. However, if they get stuck and fail to be productive, they are free to explore the net and copy some. Their findings will be shared in their edmodo page. I'll share them here once they are done :-)

Maybe I can have them saying the tongue twisters here one day next week . hmmmmm...

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