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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Technologies and Young Children

Nicola Yelland, Research Professor at Victoria University in Melbourne, looks at the ways in which young children use new technologies. Nicola explains how we can help young children make sense of their experiences in multimodal formats.
When I first listened to this video, I just couldn't stop nodding and talking to myself 'Yes' and 'Yes' and 'uhuh' and all sorts of other agreeing remarks. I love the part where Nicolla talked about how teachers actually believe that kids need to be taught in 2 dimensions before moving on to 3 dimensions aspects of things in life and how she thinks that all the dimensions are actually multi linked and appear in multimodal formats.
I love it when she mentioned about new learning on the students as well as the teachers' part. I experienced the same thing. My students are my best friends. We learn from each other and we work as a team, most of the time. We talk about FUN and cool stuff about school, family or just about anything. They love me and share gossips and secrets with me. Why? All because we have a strong connection in the cyber world which literally makes us connected 24/7. We blog, we chat, we skype, we facebook and lots of other fun stuff.

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