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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What We Eat For Recess Today

This is another project our class is working on this year. We have a new buddy classroom from Australia this year and we are sharing with them some pictures of what we eat today. More pictures will be coming , soon. Be patient friends :-)

This is Afrina and she brings sardine sandwiches to school.

This one is Ainol and he is eating noodle today. We call this 'kueteow' and it is cooked by frying it with vegetables and seafood.

This girl is Fariza.She does not like heavy food so she brings cornflakes to school today.

This is Salsabila.She is eating burger today.

This is Syafiqah. She eats biscuits today.

This is Zulaikha and she is eating same noodle as Ainol.