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Friday, January 11, 2013

We Are Now In Year 4 !

Happy New Year everyone. It's a new year and we are now in a new class. We are all grown up :-)
We are in Year 4 and guess what .. we have a new class teacher and a new classroom too ! Let's check out our cool photos ..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What We Eat For Recess Today

This is another project our class is working on this year. We have a new buddy classroom from Australia this year and we are sharing with them some pictures of what we eat today. More pictures will be coming , soon. Be patient friends :-)

This is Afrina and she brings sardine sandwiches to school.

This one is Ainol and he is eating noodle today. We call this 'kueteow' and it is cooked by frying it with vegetables and seafood.

This girl is Fariza.She does not like heavy food so she brings cornflakes to school today.

This is Salsabila.She is eating burger today.

This is Syafiqah. She eats biscuits today.

This is Zulaikha and she is eating same noodle as Ainol.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Animoto , Me and My Kids and You

I’ve been a fan of Animoto ever since a friend of mine from New Zealand, Irene Dowdle introduced it to me about 2 years ago for the purpose of connecting our students together. Since then, I’ve used it to make fun videos for personal collections , family and of course in my classroom with the kids. I have even succeded in getting kids to make their own Animoto videos. They just love it ! But of course, some will manage to get it done beautifully and some will get frustrated half way but the good thing is, they are talking about it and helping each other to do the task.
And Wow! I realized some of them are doing some really “cool” things with Animoto. I read somewhere that I could now upload and add video into my Animoto files, but I haven’t gotten around to actually trying it. I’m not sure that I would have thought to be as creative as these , though.
Anyway, take a look at the video which was created by Wan Muhammad Aiman , from Year 5 Amir and see if you aren’t inspired. I’m hoping more students will begin using this to complete some of their assignments, too.
Kids need to know what choices they have and I believe it’s our job to show them and guide them.

Create your own video slideshow at

Below is a video tutorial on how to go about with Animoto. Check it out, teachers and have fun with your students :-)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Using Word Art in English Lesson

Have you ever thought that Spelling activity in class can be made very digi and interesting with Word Art? I had this wonderful experience trying out spelling activities with my slow learners in my English class. Our topic for that day was 'Things in The House'. Instead of having the old method of teacher say and students write and wait for the next word I decided that we should put more colours to the lesson. So Word Art was the best choice! They enjoyed it very much and in fact, they overwhelmed me later when they voluntarily worked in pairs and read the word loudly to their friends in class.

This is one example :-)

Using Word Art to enhance learning

So, feel free to try it out teachers ..

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Students Powerpoint slides on 'Glorious Food'

My Year 5 class has their own study group in which they work and study together. And last few weeks, I assigned them on a task , to carry out a survey about what is the most popular food among their friends and they were to come out with results and health tips.

Here is the result of Zuliah's group. Amazing :-)

Lesson 5 - Glorious Food

And here is Zuliah doing her presentation :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kids writing in my wallwisher

I love today's activity whereby I have my Year 1 Azim to write about their favourite colours in my wallwisher.

Check it out .. cute statements .